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Reck MOTOmed
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The MOTOmed is a motorized movement therapy device that is for home and clinical use. Using the MOTOmed will help users maintain flexibility, counteract the consequences of lack of movement, reduce spasticity, build up residual muscle strength, promote walking ability and strengthen independence and the sense of mental well being.

Daily movement with the MOTOmed Movement Therapy System will assist to:

  • Maintain flexibility
  • Counteract the consequences of a lack of movement
  • Reduce spasticity
  • Build up residual muscle strength
  • Promote walking ability
  • Strengthen independence and the sense of mental well-being

RECK Movement Therapy Systems

  • for Wheelchair users
  • for People with restricted movement ability
  • for Patients confined to bed

Motomed Gracile

Gracile Adjustable
Pediatric size MOTOmed designed for the needs and requirements of children. Ideal for daily movement therapy at home and for use in hospital, schools and pediatric centers.





Let your legs and arms be gently moved and loosened by the MOTOmed MovementTherapySystem - with motor and software assistance. Or accelerate the pedals with your own muscle strength. Even minimal muscle strength is sufficient.

Healthy movement every day:

  • from the comfort of a chair or wheelchair
  • at a time that is convenient for you
  • as often and for as long as you want
  • independently for the majority of users

Passive: get moved and relaxed passively by the motor
Assistive: train actively with motor assistance
Active: train actively with own muscle strength against finely adjustable resistance levels

Watch video demonstrations of the MOTOmed Bike and Hand Bike.

MOTOmed Bike Demo MOTOmed Hand Bike Demo
MOTOmed Hand Bike Demo SMA and MOTOmed Gracile

NEW! MOTOmed sam1

Save, Analyze and Motivate -Training Analysis Program for the MOTOmed

MOTOmed sam1

The sam1 computerized software allows for targeted long-term documentation and analysis. The training data is recorded and saved on a chip card which can be transferred from the operating panel to a computer. From there, one can print and save the training results. This increases training benefits and helps you work toward a targeted training program, improving circulation and neuromuscular condition. Additionally, it is fun, easy to use and it is a great motivator!

Evaluation Program MOTOmed sam1

The evaluation program to your MOTOmed movement therapy.

Increase the motivation and even more fun at the Training
The first is a long-term documentation of your training success over the years. The training data MOTOmed a training session and are recorded on the chip card.  Then the data with the smart card reader to the PC and evaluation program MOTOmed sam1 analyzed and evaluated.

More success through a rigorous analysis and optimization perfect training
The evaluation of your data is in the form of graphs and tables, which are then can be printed.  The print program "sPrint" (immediate pressure) provides instant printout of your training data.

If you would like more information about the MOTOmed sam1, please contact Ri Toll Free at 1-(866) 738-6552.

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